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Anthony E. Guidone

Hello and welcome! I am a historian of early American history. My doctoral work at George Mason University included training in Public History and in Digital History from the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media. I am particularly interested in Digital History projects involving mapping, network analysis, and digital archiving. My research currently focuses on the town of Salem, Massachusetts, and analyzes how American trade with Asia changed Salem’s social, cultural, and economic development. Themes in this project include capitalism, consumerism, material culture, identity, and race. My work highlights the role of women and Black sailors in contributing to the formation of a place that was at once intensely local and vibrantly cosmopolitan in character. I am currently preparing a book manuscript entitled “The Empire’s City: A Global History of Salem, Massachusetts, 1783-1830.” When not reading, I enjoy creating customized versions of my favorite board games, trying new banana bread recipes, and playing hide-and-seek with my two children.